About Us

Our History

Sierra’s founder – Ben Sacco – immigrated in 1935 from Italy at the age of 13 and took root in the
Central Valley of California after his time in the military.  In 1946, Ben opened Sierra Bag Company (an
agripackager). In 1959, Ben dedicated a part of his yard to scrap metal, and with that Sierra Recycling
and Demolition was born. As his business grew Ben saw a need for a solution to the process the scrap
material. While visiting Italy (his birth place)- Ben found the solution, a baler. He purchased the baler
and installed it in his yard in Bakersfield. Sierra R&D was able to move an impressive amount of scrap
thanks to the baler and others became interested in investing in a baler. Ben decided to start
manufacturing and selling his own scrap processing equipment. Throughout the years, Ben proceeded to
open several different entities to service the needs of the recycling, oil, industrial, and commercial
industries. Ben’s philosophy was to always “tell the customer the truth” and we call that the


“Sierra Way.”

It’s honest, experienced, forward thinking, professional, and hard-working people who define Sierra
Recycling and Demolition.

At its core Sierra R&D is a team of skilled dismantling, salvage, and processing professionals committed
to providing cost-effective services. Sierra R&D staff forms a collaborative relationship with owners,
developers, designers, subcontractors, and others to deliver an economical solution for any recycling
and demolition services.

Have a question? Please call, our team will answer any question you may have. (661) 327-7073