Auto & Equipment Recycling

Auto Recycling

Sierra Recycling and Demolition is a certified auto dismantler and proud member of the State ofCalifornia Auto Dismantlers Association. Sierra R&D has first-hand knowledge of scrap metal, its value, and will do their best to get you the most for your junk cars. Sierra R&D is able to handle all of your recycling and dismantling need!

Roll Off Services: 

  • If needed, we can provide roll-off boxes to transport small loose parts and scrap metal.
  • When the box is ready, we will pick it up, examine the material, and pay
    you accordingly.

Before Recycling A Vehicle, You Need:

  • Junk Slip
  • Photo ID

How to register a junk vehicle ➝

Equipment Recycling

Sierra R&D is one of the two facilities in Bakersfield that participates in the Certified Tractor Dismantler Program in Kern County. Sierra R&D works with the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District to recycle agricultural tractors (Tier 0, Tier 1, and Tier 2), pumps (Tier 3 and Tier 4), pull-behind engine sprayers, trucks, electric UTV, bobcats, and school buses.  San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District provides funds at a first come first serve basis. Please be sure you have signed approval form from SJVAPCD before recycling or dismantling your old equipment. Equipment purchased before approval is given is not eligible for the reimbursement.


  • Eligible tractor/equipment from wheel loaders, balers, combines, graders, to tractors.
  • The equipment must reside and be operated annually 75% within CA and 50% within San Joaquin Valley.
  • Must currently be in-use and in operational condition.
  •  Must have an uncontrolled (Tier 0) or (Tier 1) engine that has a horsepower rating of 25 or greater.
  • New piece of equipment or tractor must serve the same function and perform as the old equipment or tractor.