Industrial Building Demo

Sierra Recycling & Demolition was awarded the demolition contract by city council and the board of supervisors of a historic, 1930’s era, warehouse/building.  The team was challenged to successfully bring down the 12,000 sq ft building without impacting any neighboring buildings and/or stationary utilities that were in close proximity.  The Sierra R&D team used an excavator w/ thumb-bucket attachment to remove the exterior siding of the building and strategically remove sections of the interior support beams to successfully bring the roof inward towards the center and to the ground.  A front end loader was used to assist during the demolition process by supporting adjacent wall sections and an excavator w/ shear attachment was used to process and cut oversized material into manageable pieces.  Once all of the material (scrap metal/aluminum siding and wood debris) was separated into individual commodities; the scrap metal was brought into Sierra R&D’s local recycling facility and the wood/waste debris were hauled to a designated waste facility to be properly disposed of.  At the completion of this project, and at the request of the stakeholders, the concrete foundations remained intact and swept in order to obtain final clearance.