Sierra has an uncompromising commitment to safety. Our mission is to promote an accident-free work environment by developing positive safety attitudes throughout the workplace. A full-time Risk Manager administers training and inspection programs that cover all aspects of job performance in the field, at the maintenance facility, and in transport operations.

At Sierra, providing a safe work environment and promoting safety consciousness is of utmost importance. We train our employees to always consider safety first. This training is the vehicle that drives our everyday job performance, with safety as our number one priority.

Safety Compliance

Sierra subscribes to the ISNetworld service for Safety Qualifications Review and Verification Services. We have submitted written safety programs for review and have received 100% verification of compliance to OSHA and industry standards. We share our client’s high level of commitment to Safety.

Education and Training

A comprehensive Safety Manual governs the performance of our crews. Equipment operators and laborers receive safety training specific to their work environment. Additional training is specified for each job description. Managers, and Field Supervisors are subject to additional training requirements, including first aid and CPR, confined space, forklift and powered platform, PPE assessment, and hazard communication. Supervisors conduct daily job briefings that outline the activities for the day, all anticipated hazards, and methods used to safely work.

Safety Pre-planning

At Sierra, safety plans and practices are put into place well before the project begins. Prior to beginning work, our Safety Department and Project Manager prepare a site-specific health and safety plan or each project to account for the conditions and hazards present at each site. In most cases a Safety professional is attached to a job and that site for the duration of the job. Once the project begins, the Safety department makes frequent jobsite visits to monitor work in progress and consult with supervisors to further assess hazards and performance.

Drug-Free Workplace

Our goal is to ensure that every employee is provided a safe work environment. In order to deliver outstanding service to our customers, we must prevent injuries, property loss, and damage. With pre-employment drug testing and random testing of employees throughout the year, Sierra’s zero tolerance policy offers the highest level of protection available against potential workplace safety liabilities.

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