Environmental Compliance

Since environmental stewardship cannot be compromised, our work methods and practices are designed for zero-impact on surrounding eco-systems; we work in close cooperation with jurisdictional agencies to deliver full compliance on every project. Ongoing inspection and monitoring are routine. Sierra utilizes high quality materials and implements recognized best-management practices to manage every job site for effective environmental stewardship.

Sierra’s crews are also trained and prepared for hazardous spill response. Materials and methods are readily available for quick deployment on all sites where spills may be a potential. We work aggressively and proactively to ensure that spills never occur. Our preventative maintenance and routine inspections guarantee that all equipment on site is ready to perform productively and without incident. Clients can attest to our success in delivering on our environmental commitment; Chevron Environmental Management Company has awarded Sierra two years running “Best in Class” for its work and environmental practices .

Sierra takes pride in our achievements and our dedication to performing every job with the utmost respect for our environmental resources. We value the opportunity to assist our communities and varied clients with their goal of long-term sustainability and stewardship.

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